Who are we?

The Herbal Teapot is a small artisan tea company created by Kim Stirling, with a mission to work along-side you on your journey to a happier and healthier life.

Kim has worked in the area of nutrition for over 20 years, and because of a passion for also using herbs as medicine, she studied and completed a Bachelor of Naturopathy and a Diploma in Herbal Medicine.

The Herbal Teapot - Artisan Tea Co. has a range of herb-based products, which includes a selection of teas, that have been hand-crafted in small quantities - using organic ingredients sourced from New Zealand and around the World for their therapeutic qualities. 

By using a combination of different herbs and flowers, and/or teas such as green tea, white tea, black tea or oolong tea, as well as dried fruit and vegetables, there is sure to be a tea to suit everyone - and, they can be enjoyed any time of the day or night.

As a qualified naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist, Kim can also work with you on your journey to a healthy and happy life - just send an email to kim@theherbalteapot.co.nz